Celebration of Life Service

Product Price

Professional Services

$ 1,750.00

Staff Service for ceremonies/service

$ 400.00

Transfer of Remains

$ 425.00

Facilities for Service

$ 475.00

Facilities to Prepare/Shelter

$ 325.00

Administration & Documentation

$ 425.00

Proof of Death Certificates

$ 225.00


Transfer to Cemetery or Crematory Included



$ 4075.00

Discount of 2% on services and merchandise if paid within 10 days. The account is to be paid within 30 days. Interest on the unpaid balance at 1.5% per month, or the equivalent of 18% per year is payable after 45 days. Additional information about funding, payment and financing options are available on request.

The purchaser agrees to pay a refundable deposit of $ 350.00 to the Provider. The Provider will retain the cremated remains for one year from the date of cremation. If the cremated remains are not claimed within one year, the Provider may inter the cremated remains in a cemetery, including in a common lot for which the cemetery is the interment right holder, and the Provider may retain the deposit referred to in this section. If the cremated remains are claimed before they are interred, the operator will refund any deposit paid.



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